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Low cost home and business security cctv monitoring package

Wanting to remotely monitor cctv security cameras inside your house or business premises? If so we now have a budget priced security camera monitoring package that will allow you to remotely monitor the network security camera motion detected images - from any computer, remotely. Buy our 12 month Remote Alert indoor camera monitoring package - HERE. At truly recession-proof prices.

A really low cost security camera package that’s easy to install, set-up and to operate. No requirements to have IT skills or computer degrees. Will only take minutes to allow you to monitor inside your house or business premises from any remote computer. No need to buy a digital video recorder or save motion detection images on a computer at the camera location.

* Our 12 month Remote Alert indoor camera monitoring package includes the following equipment and services:

* One compact indoor network IP cctv security camera with motion detection - 12 months warranty.

* One 20 metre patch lead to plug into a broadband router

* 12 months subscription to remotely view the network security camera online - Remote Alert User name and password will be issued to allow you to view saved images on the Remote Alert web-interface

* Pre-configuration of indoor network cctv security monitoring camera to allow motion detected images to be viewed on the Remote Alert web-interface. No IT skills required!!!

To buy our 12 month Remote Alert indoor camera monitoring package at a knock down price visit HERE

For more information about our above package - phone 0845 241 6040 or fill in a contact us form HERE

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