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Axis M1011, M1011-W & M1031W Launching Q1 2009

AXIS M10 Network Camera Series Axis have a new Axis range of small mini camera, we will be working hard at the beginning of 2009 to make sure these Axis camera work with Remote Alert. Available January 2009 - These smart-looking, small and affordable AXIS M10 Network Cameras are ideal for securing locations such as small businesses, boutiques, restaurants, hotels or residences. AXIS M1011 offers superior video quality in its class at 30 frames per second in VGA resolution. AXIS M1011-W adds a wireless interface (IEEE802.11g). AXIS M1031-W additionally features a passive infrared (PIR) sensor for detecting movements even in the dark, a white LED for illuminating the scene at an event, and two-way audio with integrated microphone and speaker. All cameras in the AXIS M10 Series provide multiple streams in H.264 as well as Motion JPEG and MPEG-4 Part 2.

Latest News

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    In the coming months we will be releasing our Axis Software which will allow companies like us to develop lower powered CCTV solution. We found that if you can limit the equipment required then you can save on power. What we have created is a piece of software which is loaded directly into the Axis ... Read more

  • The Worlds First Thermal Streaming Webcam

    Working with thermal cameras and have decided to Stream it Live as a Demo unit We don’t do cheap systems only ┬ásystems that fits the Clients requirements. Could this be the worlds first Live Streaming Thermal Webcam