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Micro Power Station

Micro CCTV Power Station Designed for powering up Outdoor IP POE Fixed cameras, these can be linked to solar, wind turbine, fuel cells or generators to allow them to run for as long as you want, with a built in 3G Router this means you can link the camera back to your own monitoring station or view them live on live

  • Axis

  • Mobotix

  • Panisonic

  • Vivotek

  • YCam

We are currently working on larger systems which will power POE PTZ Cameras and a full CCTV Trailer system drop us an email or give us a call and we will keep you up to date

Latest News

  • Our Quest for a Pure Battery Power CCTV system

    In the coming months we will be releasing our Axis Software which will allow companies like us to develop lower powered CCTV solution. We found that if you can limit the equipment required then you can save on power. What we have created is a piece of software which is loaded directly into the Axis ... Read more

  • The Worlds First Thermal Streaming Webcam

    Working with thermal cameras and have decided to Stream it Live as a Demo unit We don’t do cheap systems only ┬ásystems that fits the Clients requirements. Could this be the worlds first Live Streaming Thermal Webcam